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Category: Cocaine Addiction Help

Overeating, Like Drug Use, Rewards And Alters Brain

More info…An addict’s motivation to take drugs and a hungry person’s motivation to eat use similar circuits in the brain, research indicates. That doesn’t mean food is addictive, but certain foods do act a lot like a drug in the brain and can alter the…

Prescription for trouble: Addiction to painkillers hobbles more patients

More info…ST. LOUIS — Nichole Marie Case unwittingly became dependent on opioid pain drugs. She’s not alone. heroin addiction help

Skunk cannabis grower avoids prison

More info…A SKUNK cannabis grower whose addiction to the drug began when he was only 13 has avoided a jail sentence. drug addiction help

Breaking the bonds of addiction

More info…TRENTON — The headlines have become all too familiar to Maj. Philip Davis: Teen dies after drug overdose. Third teenager dies from drug overdose in three weeks. Middle schooler dead after taking Ecstasy. addicts help

Rx Addiction: Pain clinics often play role in addiction

More info…Pamela Bacon, now sober for seven months, says she was addicted to pain medication for about 13 years. During some of her struggles, she received her medication from pain clinics in East Tennessee. addictions help

New treatment for drug addiction

More info…The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2008, almost 2 million Americans depend on or are addicted to narcotic pain killers, but there’s a new development in treatment. drug addiction help

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