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Complications of Drug Addiction

The drug addiction is considered a thrilling experience by new addicts who face the brunt of its complications later in life. There are variable consequences of drug addiction reflected at the physical and mental level. The drug addiction causes dependence for a considerable length of time making the path to recovery a difficult one. The dependence to drugs along with the complications of drug addiction makes the recovery process a tedious job.

Complications at Psychological Level Include

– Inefficiency and falling performance at workplace and school.

– Legal problems due to crime committed in the form of stealing, driving with intoxication as a result of drug dependence.

– Family or marital discords are common in addicts. Family problems are caused by addiction or the addiction may be a resultant of such strife.

– Spending money on addiction can cause financial ruin due to the debts incurred during the process of addiction.

– As drug addiction is considered a social stigma we tend to lose our relations, friends and stand in the society.

– The drug abuser may fall a prey to unsafe sexual abuse and thus contract diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

– The symptoms of seizure, coma, agitation, disorientation and psychosis are produced due to prolonged drug abuse. This condition if untreated can lead to cerebral hypoxia and hemorrhage or infarction.

Complication at Physical Level
– The physical complications are abundant in drug addicts depending on the drug which the abuser is used to. The drug addiction gets a tight grip on the addict as the euphoria after taking a drug does not wane easily and the overdosing risks are innumerable.

– The use of needles by sharing amongst addicts is the prime cause of life threatening infections like HIV and Hepatitis. The other factors like lack of hygiene, using subcutaneous route for injecting drugs produces infection on the site of injection like cellulites, abscess, gangrene, lymph edema, pseudo aneurysms etc.

– Since HIV produces a lack in immunity, opportunistic infections are common. The pneumocystis pneumonia is a common pulmonary complication.

– The infection like endocarditis, infarction of skin and muscle, amyloidosis, renal failure and shock are common among cocaine drug users.

– Septic infection and inflammatory process are common if infection is not tackled outright.

The drug addiction brings more interconnected problems after its use as compared to its pleasure giving nature. So addicts taking tentative steps towards falling for drugs must be addressed with pointed approach and be tried to prevent getting into addiction when it is still easy.

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