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What is drug addiction and how to choose a right rehab centre

Drug addiction can be defined as a condition in which frequency of drug intake becomes much higher than the normal and it starts to negatively affect the person both psychologically and physiologically. Absence of drugs can result in violent behavior, depression and lack of self control. Drug addiction can be a result of psychological disturbances, environmental influences and prolonged dieses or very simply due to genetic structure of an individual. Any of the above reason individually or a combination of more than one factor can lead to drug addiction. Psychologically number of things like too much worrying about the future, problems related to money, family and career may result in drug addiction. Environmental influences means things like locality where an individual has spend its childhood or where he or she is residing at present. Family history related to drugs is also an important part of environmental influences. Latest research also shows that genetic structure can also result in drug addiction, but still some more work needs to be done on order reach a definite conclusion. Sometimes prolonged diseases can also result in drug addiction. This kind of addiction is unusual in the sense that an addict craves not only for illegal drugs but for normal drugs. The symptoms of this kind of addiction are strikingly similar to that of normal drug addiction which involves substances like marijuana. It is called pseudo addiction.

Drug addiction can be classified into hard addiction, pseudo addiction and alcoholism. Hard drug addiction is the addiction due to banned or illegal substances like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other similar substances. This is the most challenging form of addiction and recovery is slow. Pseudo addiction is not due to banned drugs but its symptoms are similar to that of hard addiction. Alcoholism means excessive use of alcohol, which may be due to similar reasons that cause hard addiction. Some symptoms of alcoholism are continuous drinking of alcoholic substances in spite of deteriorating health condition and being unable to think in a proper manner.

Like all the other addictions, drug addiction can also be overcome by using proper medical guidance and the will of the addict to live the normal life and work for a better future. Helping hand from family and friends is necessary because love is a very important part of this treatment. Before finalizing any drug addiction treatment center or drug rehabilitation, study your needs properly that means understanding exactly what the problem is and what kind of treatment is needed. This only means understanding you basic requirements like the kind of addiction hard, pseudo or alcoholism because obviously it is the responsibility of drug rehab to provide the details about the kind of treatment needed. There are many affordable drug and alcohol rehab centers in the United States. Treatment of drug addiction needs a holistic approach. Holistic drug and alcohol rehab centers provides not only medicinal treatment but also cover other stream of treatment like nature therapy and other psychological therapies. Staff is the key, so make sure that individuals working in holistic drug rehab are well trained professionals. Also keep in mind that that program should be designed for each individual uniquely and it should help in gaining back the full control of ones life.

John Metthew is a freelance writer who writes about Affordable Drug Rehab as its treatment needs a holistic approach
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